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DARE OPera North is a collaborative initiative between Opera North and the University of Leeds, established to foster a deep integration of arts and academia. It aims to create innovative research, performances, and educational opportunities that bridge the gap between the artistic and academic worlds. Since its inception, DARE OPera North has been a pioneering force in promoting interdisciplinary projects and enriching cultural and educational landscapes through its diverse programs and partnerships.

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Foundation of DARE OPera North

DARE OPera North was founded as a partnership between Opera North and the University of Leeds, with the aim of fostering collaboration between the arts and academia.

Launch of the First Collaborative Projects

The first collaborative projects were launched, focusing on integrating artistic performances with academic research and community engagement.

Inaugural DARE Lecture Series

DARE OPera North introduced its inaugural lecture series, featuring prominent figures from both the arts and academic sectors.

First DARE Postgraduate Research Awards

DARE OPera North awarded its first postgraduate research awards, supporting innovative research projects that intersect with the arts.

Launch of DARE Art Prize

The DARE Art Prize was launched, encouraging creative collaborations between artists and scientists to explore new ideas and concepts.

Expansion of Community Engagement Programs

DARE OPera North expanded its community engagement programs, reaching a wider audience and involving more local communities in its projects.

Introduction of DARE Fellowships

DARE Fellowships were introduced to support early-career researchers and artists in developing interdisciplinary projects.

First DARE Symposium

DARE OPera North hosted its first symposium, bringing together experts from various fields to discuss the intersection of arts and academia.

Launch of DARE Digital Initiatives

DARE OPera North launched digital initiatives to enhance the accessibility and reach of its programs through online platforms.

Introduction of DARE Internships

DARE Internships were introduced, providing students with hands-on experience in both artistic and academic settings.

10th Anniversary Celebration

DARE OPera North celebrated its 10th anniversary with a series of special events and performances highlighting its achievements.

Launch of DARE Cultural Partnerships

DARE Cultural Partnerships were launched to foster collaborations with other cultural institutions and organizations.

Expansion into International Collaborations

DARE OPera North expanded its reach by forming international collaborations, bringing global perspectives to its projects.

Introduction of DARE Public Engagement Awards

DARE Public Engagement Awards were introduced to recognize and support projects that effectively engage the public in arts and research.

Adaptation to Virtual Platforms

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, DARE OPera North adapted its programs to virtual platforms, ensuring continued access to its initiatives.

Launch of DARE Sustainability Projects

DARE OPera North launched sustainability projects aimed at integrating environmental considerations into its artistic and academic collaborations.

Introduction of DARE Educational Programs

DARE Educational Programs were introduced to provide structured learning opportunities in the arts and humanities for students of all ages.

Expansion of DARE Research Networks

DARE OPera North expanded its research networks, fostering more interdisciplinary collaborations and innovative projects.
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